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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Things that make me think

I love to try new things!  I have a new project on the horizon I can't wait to start......sorry not gonna share until I have everything worked out but I know you will all be supportive.  So as you know I love pinterest; but what you may not know is I read a ton of blogs to keep current and get idea's from others.  Here are some things that make me think and are inspiring to me.
If you haven't come across J's blog yet, you should check it out.  She is a great write and wears "normal" clothes, most of which are budget friendly.  Her outfit pictured here is awesome.  A bit hard (with the Camo pants), a bit spunky (with the glitter cardi), and over all put together and chic.  Check out her blog here.
Leggings are my favorite.  I can't always wear them (work dress code and all), but I covet them none the less.  Here is an awesome pair of leggings I would wear to a concert or out on the town.  Found on Refinery 29's blog this morning, check it out here.
My Michael Kors rain boot.  I love these things!  I could wear them everyday.  BUT I love my pumps too so I don't.  I was discourage that my right foot was a tiny bit big and were a little uncomfortable to wear, but after suffering a few wears they have stretched and are formed to my feet.  LOVE!  Plus they don't look like typical rain boots to me so I can get away with wearing them when it's just real cold.  I have paired them with several cute outfits I will post another day.  Do you have something you love to wear and the more you do the better it fits?

Happy Shopping!

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