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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shop? Why Thank you I will!

I am all about getting a good deal.  Who wouldn't?  Designer items that are affordable is hard to find.  If you are lucky you can get something on clearance or at T J Maxx but it is few and far between.  So when my husband told me about Tradesy I was ecstatic!  People all over the US selling their gently used designer items online!  Which means I can shop when I want!  So of course the Shopping bug hit me late on Sunday night and I thought I would see what was new.  Not that I was looking for anything in particular but you never know.......I LOVE Michael Kors (again I have been saying this ForEver).  I put in the search for all MK items and started to see who was selling what and for how much.  I think it is good to keep an eye on prices so when you do find something you want you will know if it is a good deal or not.  OF Course I found something I couldn't live without and just happens to be something I have been keeping my eye out for lately.  A Tunic!  Gotta have something long to wear with my leggings because well let's face it I'm not 20 anymore and I probably shouldn't wear leggings but if I can get away with it for a little longer by wearing a long shirt I will.
Here is the shirt I purchased:
 I love the print and color's
Only $25!  Free Shipping and Hassle Free Returns!
What have you found that you have been looking for?
Happy Shopping!

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