Wine & Couture: Pinspiration and the Red Pant

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pinspiration and the Red Pant

It is fun seeing people take pictures and putting the outfit together.  What I love more is taking their version and making my own.  Here is a version of a version to my version
 When I saw this pin on pinterest I thought - Oh I can put that together!  So excited because I have been dying to wear my red pants this winter but want to right look because they are cropped.  What better way than with brown boots!!!
Here I am wearing GAP cropped red pants ($25 spring 2012), J Crew Chambray Tunic ($15 Clearance store), Old Navy Cardigan ($24 a few weeks ago), and Brown boots (Gift - DSW Aug 2012).  I put this on as a trial run and will pair a necklace with it like my pinspiration above.
Can you put this together?
Happy Shopping!

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