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Monday, January 7, 2013

Olivia Palermo - Budget

Remember when I posted about Kohl's and their collaboration?  If you don't click here to read original post. Narciso Rodriguez created a line that is affordable for Kohl's.  Well I ran across a picture of Olivia Palermo wearing the dress I featured in my blog.  It is so nice to know a celebrity wears items that normal people do and they are budget friendly!  I like this dress on full figured women because it slims you and accents the right area's.  Olivia is a bit skinny for this dress because the color blocking technique makes her look even smaller.   It is very important to dress for your body type.  Which is why I always suggest taking a friend shopping with you or like my BF and I do take pictures of the items you are trying on and text them.  She lives in PA so we can't go to the stores physically with each other.
Happy Shopping!

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