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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Interview Appropriate

This post is inspired by my Best Friend who is currently interviewing for a new job!  Good Luck Lady!
The game has changed.  Black suit with collared shirt is no longer the business interview attire!  An interview is a time to shine, this can also be done with clothes.  For example wear a Blue shirt with a Gray Skirt like here.  If it is very cold go with dress slacks and a collared button up shirt with a cardigan, or even a sweater over it.  Just remember keep your jewelry simple and your heel height low, no 4-5" heels!
 I would go for a more muted cardigan but this gives the overall concept.
Collared Shirt under sweater with dress slacks.  Jewelry is understated and appropriate.
Cami under a Cardigan buttoned up with skirt or slacks look polished.
Keep it stylish, covering your body, and crisp.  When in doubt don't wear it!

Key Tips to having a successful interview.
1.  Sit up straight, lean forward slightly.  This body language says I am paying attention and interested.
2. Look them straight in the eye the whole time, unless taking notes.
3. Don't fidget.  Either fold your hands in your lap or on the table in front of you.
4. SMILE!!!  It is important to put your best foot forward and when you scowl or frown they think you aren't interested.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Thank you!!! Also don't wear red :)

  2. Thank you Stephanie! Yes Red is not an appropriate interview color. It says an aggressive color, it can make you look heavier, and is emotionally intense. Not something you want the other person feeling when your in an interview.


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