Wine & Couture: Hunting (aka Shopping) Trip Ahead

Friday, January 18, 2013

Hunting (aka Shopping) Trip Ahead

Pinterest is becoming my "drug".  Every free minute I have I am on it either with a computer or my phone.  I love to see what people come up with.  I have found just about everything on there from Clothes, to Home decorating, to Food.  I learn about new products, find new blogs to read, and pin my blog there as well.  Here are some things I love this week.
Click here for Pin.  I have all the pieces to wear this outfit.  I love how the blue shirt pops with the black and white contrast.  This would work for just about anything from a day at work to school or dinner out!
 Click here for Pin.  I love my cream skirt and am always finding ways to wear it.  This denim shirt adds something to the outfit and polishing the outfit with a skinny belt just adds the right touch. Very chic.
 I am sure you know I am loving nail art right now.  This seems easy enough and will be fun to do!
Click here for Pin. Here is where I need to go hunting!  I love this look.  I never would have purchased a mustard colored shirt but with a navy pencil skirt it looks great!
I put a similar outfit together for the terrible rainy week we have been having.  I love my MK rain boots and am always trying to find ways to wear them to work!
Happy Shopping!

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