Wine & Couture: Spruce up your winter outfits
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Spruce up your winter outfits

Nothing is more depressing than wearing the same thing (at least it feels that way).  So here are a few idea's to help you spruce up your typical outfit.
A Bright Blazer can pull you out of the dull funk of winter.
 Blazers found for $24.11 here
Bright Scarves are fun and can go with just about anything.
 Who doesn't love a bright pair of pumps!  They will go with anything from all black to sparkles.
 A statement necklace is a safe way to add color if the others are too much for you.
Happy Shopping!


  1. How quickly do you find you receive oddest from this company? Cute stuff! Bev

  2. Bev - I have not ordered from them yet. You can choose to have your item shipped via FedEx so it should take at most a week for delivery.


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