Wine & Couture: Raining? Snowing?

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Raining? Snowing?

Cold wet weather can be hard.  My arthritis acts up and my hands tend to ache.  So as you know I received Michael Kors rain boots for Christmas, I am so excited because it can rain a lot in North Carolina.  We tend to get rain instead of snow, not warm enough.  So here is my favorite outfit for a rainy day when I have to run to the drug store or an errand.  Comfortable, dry, and cute!
 Here I am wearing black leggings from Target, a black v neck sweater from Target, and my J Crew leopard scarf.  Oh and let's not forget my new MK rain boots.  Since it's only 57 out I choose not to add leg warmers.
Being it is 57 degrees I do still need a light jacket.  So I threw on my BCBG moto jacket and ran to the store.  I felt so cute and received a compliment on my jacket.
Outfit #2 Green riding pants from J Crew paired with my new polka dot sweater and my MK rain boots.  I threw on a long pearl necklace to dress it up.

Happy shopping!

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