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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Outfit Idea's and Changes

So I had fun playing with my wardrobe and took both leggings and tights to come up with some cute outfit idea's.  Some I can wear to work, other's are perfect for drinks with the girls, and one in particular will turn heads on date night with your man!
 Arguile tights, Shorts, Maroon boots, Maroon polka dot shirt, Boyfriend Blazer.  Depending on where you work I would wear this to it on a casual day.  It will keep you warm and be chic.
 Stripped dress under bright sweater with scarf, tights, and knee high boots.  Perfect for drinks with the girls or work.
This is a perfect date night outfit!  Not only will every guy be checking me out but my husband will have a hard time keeping his hands to himself.  Stripped TIGHT dress under bright sweater with boot socks and boots.  I gave the outfit a pop with a bright bubble necklace. 
 I decided to try leg warmers with heels.  Paired with leggings, sweater dress, and pearls to dress it up.  Love this look and would consider wearing this to work or a night out with the girls.
Finally one of my favorite outfits!  Arguile tights with shorts, two toned high low tank, cardigan with flower near shoulder, and flats (because this outfit has so much going on already).

What can you put together?
Happy Shopping!

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