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Monday, December 17, 2012

Floral Pant and it's inspiration

From Jessica Alba to Miranda Kerr floral pants can be seen just about anywhere.  Which is why I was so excited to receive a pair for Christmas.  Here are some inspirations and ways I plan to wear my floral pants.
Jessica Alba here is wearing bright floral pants with solid black.  This works because there isn't anything competing with the pants.  Her shoes pull the whole look together.

Miranda Kerr has selected a light blue gray shirt to go with her floral pants which brings out the soft blue in the pants.  The nude pumps elongate her legs.

Here I am wearing my floral pants with a burgundy Lucky silk shirt and pumps from Target.
Also, I have paired the pants with a dark gray sweater and my Nine West pumps.
Finally, a black tank under a soft purple sweater and nude pumps.  Below is a close look at the sweater with the pants so you can see the coloring.
What do you have that you would pair with these pants?  Keep in mind these pants have a Navy base, not black.

Happy Shopping!

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