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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deals and sales

Last night I went to see Les Miserable with some girlfriends.  Have to say it was a gut wrenching, tear jerking, amazing movie.  Hugh Jackman did an amazing dramatic performance all while singing.  So good and I highly recommend you see it!
After the movie I did a little shopping and was so excited by my deals!  I had debated ordering a cardigan from Old Navy online earlier that day but when I saw the stores had 75% off and online was only 50% I said what they hey.  Here are two sweaters I purchased....
 This cardigan was $40 originally, online for $30 plus shipping, in stores for $24!  It is soooo soft and warm. Can't wait to start pairing it with outfits for work.
This simple sweater is perfect for my next DIY re-fashion.  I paid $6 for the sweater and plan to try the felting technique and put some black polka dots on the front!  I will post a tutorial once I have it complete.  It looks so easy and fun!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. The cardigan is so cute. I love that you found it for so much less. Could totally see myself wearing it to everything.


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