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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Real World

Where I would love to look like this everyday it just isn't realistic!  I live in the real world.  I have a tight budget.  I wouldn't be taken seriously, even though I look fabulous!  Sadly this look doesn't transfer to the real world.  It would seem that even thought designers come up with amazing idea's they have lost their grasp on the real world and what people actually wear.  Just look at the run way during NY Fashion week, I love the style but in reality I could never wear those looks.  I write my blog for the real world and for real women who have a budget.  I enjoy fashion and would love to own so many things, but I have bills to pay.  So I plan and budget.  At least we can count on one thing, the business world is changing and being an individual (with in reason) is embraced!  I am glad to have the options I have today and hope my blog has helped you create new outfits from what you already have.
I know people read my blog but not many people comment or ask for advice.  One day I will pull you out of your shell and be able to help you with fashion questions.  For me fashion is not what you wear, it's a way of life.  When I am feeling blah I make sure I dress over the top because half way through the day my mood will lift, however if I dress the way I feel I tend to stay in that blah mood.  My grandmother wasn't ready to go in public until she had her lipstick on; I always loved that about her and she did look more put together.
So here's my challenge to you.  Post a quote or something you learned through family on what fashion is.

Happy Shopping!

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