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Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Outfits

I am not sure if I have mentioned what my husband does for a living.  He is in construction, more specifically custom home additions and repairs.  For the last week he has been installing hardwood floors in a woman's home.  This client has been so nice by making him fresh coffee every morning and baking him cookies.  Talk about hog heaven.   So while working in her home he noticed a wicker mannequin named "Amazing Grace", of course he thought of me and how I have been talking about getting a mannequin.  On a mission he was going to find out what it would take for this wonderful woman to part with Amazing Grace.  Next thing I know Grace was in my kitchen with a flower and note on her.  I was beside my self with excitement.  So I introduce Amazing Grace to you.  She will be helping me show outfit idea's for Thanksgiving day and many more to come!
Amazing Grace
Now on to the outfit idea's for Thanksgiving Day!  Remember to wear something nice AND comfortable.  Which to me means elastic waist.
 Here Grace is wearing a floral silky shirt from Target (purchased this weekend for $14.98 on clearance).  Skirt is from Marshall's a while back, I like it because it has pockets.  Of course you can wear stockings with this outfit and I suggest a booty.  I have Chandilear earrings on Grace but they didn't show up.
 This outfit is more casual and probably what I will wear.  A long short sleeve sweater (because I will be in the kitchen; from Target last year), leggings ($8 Target) and simple Pumps (Nine West).  Finish the outfit with a pop of color like my bubble necklace shown.
For the very dressy dinner I would suggest a nice stretchy dress, like my NY&Co dress shown here, I added a NY&Co Red (even though it looks orange) cardigan and paired with red pumps.  Finished off with sparkly earrings.
Whatever you wear just remember to have room for your stomach to expand with good food!
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!


  1. Yay for Grace! I can only imagine how exited you were. Go husband :)

  2. Grace seems to be amply endowed. How about providing her measurements so we can judge how outfits would look on ourselves?


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