Wine & Couture: Preparing for Thanksgiving
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Preparing for Thanksgiving

Do you have a ton of family coming this week?  If so then you should have a plan in place.  No plan?  Well here are some quick tips to make things go easier.

1.  Prep as much of the food as you can a day or two before.  This will leave you more time for the unexpected.
2.  Put together an iTunes play list.  Make sure it will last several hours and you hit repeat when you start it.  There is nothing better than Thanksgiving day to have some background music in the kitchen while you are working.
3.  Set your table the day before.  This will give you time to make it perfect and not stress that no silverware is on the table when the Turkey is ready.
4.  Most important - have enough alcohol!  It sucks when you run low on wine and things are just getting to the fun part.
5.  If you have kids, Pre-plan activities.  Board games, scavenger hunt in the house, several NEW kids movies, basically things to keep them busy.

Other than that have fun!  Things don't have to be perfect!

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