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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Outfit Idea's for the Work Week

I love to plan.  My husband says I can plan to fun out of anything, and yet he doesn't know what to do when I go with the flow.  It's funny.  Anyhow I was surfing to see what new idea's I could get for the week ahead. Here is what I found and great thing is I have the same or equivalent in my closet.
Skinny Pants, White Polka Dot Shirt, Black Cardigan, Black Flats
Of course I don't have Chanel but that won't stop me.
J Crew Bubble Necklace (check out my J Crew posts to see how to get this necklace for $11!),
Gray T, Black Blazer and Pants
Black Leggings, Black long sweater, Brown Boots.  Simple yet perfect!
White Collared Shirt, Sequin Tank, Blazer, and Dark Wash Jeans. (pic from here)

What will you wear?

Happy Shopping!

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