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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Decorating

So I have been trying to find a way to decorate this year that won't get my husband into a bad mood.  Christmas has not always been a good holiday or memory for him.  He would be just as happy if we skipped it all together.  So this year in an effort to down play Christmas and still decorate I have found some new ways.  BLUE and SILVER!  No more red and green, no tree, but lots of Winter theme decorations.  I am sure many of you want to know if we exchange gifts......The answer is Yes.  Plus I purchase for all the family.  We just don't participate in holiday festiveness.  Which is fine with me because it is low stress this way.  ANYHOW here are some of my idea's for this holiday season and decorating.
I love, LOVE, this picture!  I plan to find some twigs and paint them white.  I have plenty of clear straight vase's and clear rocks to hold them up right.  Also I have my grandmother's hand made snowflake ornaments which I will tie to the twigs for the full Winter effect.  I then plan to purchase some different Blue and Silver ornaments to put in other vase's and put them around the house.  You can use bowls also as long as they are glass.  Finally because my cats can't stay off my dining room table I will use a dark color table cloth, I am thinking Navy or even Purple.  For the finishing touch I will put up wreaths on the exterior doors and my stackable snowman.  I am going for a Winter Wonderland, not Christmas.  Which will carry into February!

What will you do different this year for the Holiday's?

Happy Shopping!

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