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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Coats, Coats, and More Coats

Nothing is worse this winter than putting on an amazing outfit and having to cover it up with a blah coat!  Your coat doesn't have to just keep you warm it can also be an accessory.  Think outside the box and remember a coat is an investment.  I have 3 Pea Coats, and 2 Leather Coats; I purchase all of them at the end of the season so I could build my collection.
Here are some idea's for you when it comes to coat shopping.  What style do you like?  Just remember it should be flattering to your figure!
 The cape coat is fun and can be warn with long gloves for a chic look.
 This pea coat is a little fancy and perfect for when you have to run between meetings outside the office.  It says I can wear red and fur and you love it!
 This pea coat is perfect when you want your butt covered from the cold.  Plus the color is vibrant.  Don't shy away from a bright coat!  It will add to your outfit.
 I love the green in the pea coat and since it is shorter it can be worn in a casual environment.  Like a college football game without seeming over dressed.

Happy Shopping!

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