Wine & Couture: Black Friday Eve!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday Eve!

Sadly we keep loosing the importance of Holiday's because of the ever crazy retail world.  Remember that today you should give thanks to all the things you have accomplished, the loved ones around you, and the future you have yet to live.  Today is not about the crazy price's on TV's, Clothes, or various other items.  Be happy for what you have now and take a moment to think of those who don't have anything.
If you do plan to hit the crazy stores later today, try to think of other's!  What can you pick up that would help someone who is unemployed and can't afford Thanksgiving let alone Christmas.  Or the Children who don't have any family.  What selfless thing can you contribute to someone's life that will cost you very little.

Today I am Thankful for my wonderful Husband, my caring Mother, my loving Brother and his new Bride, my precious nephews their intelligent mother and my sister and her patient husband.  Most importantly I am thankful for all my furry babies (Mesa, PooPaw, Romeo, Squishy, and Sweetness) who love unconditionally and are always happy to see me.

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you can take a moment to be truly Thankful today!

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