Wine & Couture: A Week of Outfits #2
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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Week of Outfits #2

I have had so much fun posting picture's of what I want to wear during the week and then taking picture's and doing a side by side comparison of my inspiration photo's.  (I am on the right)
I went with leggings this day because #1 it was 70 degrees, and #2 my black skinny jeans aren't really fitting right now.  So I wore my sleeveless leopard French Connection shirt under a Target bright pink cardigan.  Sadly I have 2 cardigan's in a color, the other's are black, white, cream, or gray!  I was shocked I didn't have more color.  I put on a brown skinny belt and some flats.  I am comfortable, appropriate for work, and happy to expand my outfit options.  How would you wear this?

Other than the blue collared shirt in my inspiration pic my outfit is the same.  I am wearing a pink and white stripped collared shirt I found at GoodWill, along with my clearance J Crew Cashmere sweater, paired with my knock off J Crew bubble necklace, rose gold bracelet and jeans.  I just love the way the turquoise necklace pops on the orange of the sweater.  Plus I will be warm today, it is rainy and in the 50's today.  I also wore my leopard flats for comfort.  Do you have something similar in your closet?

I love the contrast of a black top with white pants and a white bubble necklace. It looks so clean.  The top is sleeveless which is why I needed the sweater, cardigan is from The Loft Outlet, bubble necklace found on ebay (knock off J Crew), and the white jeans are J Crew.  I also paired my rose gold bracelet and black flats.  Perfect outfit to go from work to school and back to work.

I hope I was able to give you inspiration how to pair clothes you already have together in a different way.
Happy Shopping!

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