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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Slob to Dressy

Not a recommended style
I love certain looks but the wrong pair of shoes/boots, or how you wear you hair can take a cute chic outfit and make you look like a slob.  For instance take my favorite go to in the winter - Leggings.  If you pair this with an over sized sweater then I suggest pair it with ballet flats not boots.  If you wear boots go with a mid calf boot.  The picture to the left went with a combat boot look and it would be very difficult to pull off unless you live in NYC!

perfect and stylish
Now the pic to the right is perfect way to wear leggings!  I love the stripe of the legging and the plain black T with a statement necklace.  This outfit would look all wrong with Boots or Heels. The flat is a perfect finish!

 Of course you can wear heels with leggings Just Be Careful!  You don't want to end up looking like a street walker!  If the legging is paired with a conservative shirt like a silk button up then I would stay away from this all together!
depending on shirt - verge of being slutty

Happy Shopping!

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