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Friday, October 26, 2012

Interview to Everyday

Appropriate interview attire is not what it use to be.  I was always told wear black and understated.  These days employers want to know you as a person and what a better way to express this than your interview outfit!  This outfit got me a second interview with a company, sadly I didn't get the job but it was great experience.
In this pic I am wearing a MK shirt - $39.99 from T J Maxx, Dark Gray Pencil skirt NY & Co (2 seasons ago) $40, Pumps found at T J Maxx $29.99.  Belt - can't remember but it's fun.
With this outfit I look polished, professional and edgy.  Accessories can add to any outfit.  I down played my jewelry and wore my hair down with a slight curl.  This outfit can go from interview to everyday easily!

What would you wear to an interview?  How risky would you take it?
Happy Shopping!

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