Wine & Couture: Hair Trials and their issues
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair Trials and their issues

So I attempted to do the "Sock Bun".  Mine turned out ok but I had issues with it.  Not to mention it looks a little messy.
I took a tube sock (new -never worn) and cut the toe off.  I then rolled it so it looked like a doughnut.  With my hair in a high pony tail I fed the ends of my hair through the center of the sock and began to roll the sock while stuffing my hair under as I rolled.  It was EXTREMELY difficult because my hair is very long (half way down my back).  The result is a ton of pins to control it and fuzziness everywhere.  NOTHING like the Pinterest tutorial I followed.  Tomorrow I am going to try a different way I also found on Pinterest and see if it turns out better and neater.  In the pic below you will see my bun has a weird look to it.  Not as happy with it, but it will work for today.
Clearer picture

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