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Monday, October 22, 2012

Hair Experssions

This morning I was completely out of vacation mode and back into work mode.  Which means for me, business attire!  I work for a non-profit where everyone wears jeans, and dresses up on occasion.  I am the opposite and wear jeans on occasion.  I have an amazing wardrobe and enjoy wearing it!  Not to mention that one day I will have a job where I need to dress professionally and I don't want to get in the habit of being a slob.  With that said, my outfit today is top notch!  However I was having difficulty with my hair and didn't have the time to straighten and curl it.  So I flipped through my pinterest pin's on hair and found a french twist with a bun, and tried it!  I am happy how it turned out.
It was easy to do the twist, just gather your hair like a low pony tail then pull up and start folding it under and pin.  Take the top section and turn it into a bun and pin.  If you have bangs let them be, pin an additional short hanging hair until you get the look you desire.  By doing the twist it gave me automatic volume to my hair.  It looks polished and nice, and took all of 2 min!  I know the pictures aren't that great so here is the link for Pinterest where I got the idea!  What gives you insiration?

Happy Shopping!

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