Wine & Couture: Christmas Planning

Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas Planning

So in thinking of the holiday season I have to start planning so I can make sure I have enough money.  This year I am trying to be creative and make gifts for people.  Some of the idea's I have run across on the internet are:
 This first one is for the traveling woman!  I hate having to pack when my curling iron or straightener is hot.  This can be packed even warm!  I plan to make several of these and it will only cost me the pot holder, which isn't much!
I love getting new baking items and this is a cute gift.  I plan to get the pot holder and stuffing it with a spatula, pre-made cookie mix, a nice wooden spoon, and a few odd's & ends.  It will be fund to put together.  I thought to also include two of my favorite receipts!

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