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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Under The Weather? Try a Detox

I have been feeling bad lately, between stress and my normal health issues I am just run down.  Surfing Pinterest, as always, I ran across a pin on Detoxing in a bath as a natural cold remedy.  Intrigued I decided to find out more.
1. Run a hot bath. It opens pores and prepares body for cleansing.
2. Add three pints of hydrogen peroxide (3%). This oxygenates the body and helps purge toxins. It’s also antibacterial and antiviral.
3. Add two ounces of ground ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory that increases blood circulation and helps promote the elimination of toxins through sweat.
4. Soak for about 30 minutes.
5. Drink lots of water; You need to replenish what’s being pulled out of your system.
6. Go to bed and rest - wake feeling 10 times better.
7. Repeat until you are at optimum health (or 3 days).
Don't forget to keep this good feeling with a healthy diet of vegetables, it will build your immune system. Followed by exercise.

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