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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ultimate Rules of Getting Dressed

As I was reading Glamour I saw an article called "The Ultimate Rules of Getting Dressed", I ripped out the page for the "...for a wedding, not yours" and realized there were several on the page that applied to what is going on in my life.
Here are some "Rules" for a wedding, not yours: Think of it as "Respectful-Wear", Wear Something You Can Dance In, Know that Black is OK!, But White is Less OK, Bring the Bling, & Get a Mani.
My favorite is Bring the Bling - Go all out with Jewelry.  Chandelier earrings, every bracelet you own, a cocktail ring.  They say, "This is a truly special event. Thank you so much for inviting me".  Uh yeah I will go ALL Out for my Brother's wedding next month.  I can't wait.

What event do you have coming up?  Take the opportunity to get an over the top mani!  I can't wait to have my manicurist do some of the Amazing things I have seen online.  Also in this article are tips for a First Date, High School Reunion, and a Job Interview.

Happy Shopping!


  1. This is great, I have a wedding to go to at the end of the month too!

  2. Awesome! Later in the week I have a few outfits that are appropriate if you are attending the rehearsal dinner! Thanks for the comment.


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