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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Personal Shopper

This past weekend was filled with family and it got me thinking about big events.  Many people out in the world need help getting the right outfit for an event, and on a budget.  Not sure where to start but I may begin a personal shopper business.  I have so many idea's and I love to help people put things together.  Do you have feed back or would you use a personal shopper if you were guaranteed to get an outfit for under $100 (plus fee)?
I am sorry I haven't posted for the past two days but I forgot my laptop and it's hard to blog from my cell. Here is my outfit for the day.  Leggings, Over sized designer shirt, and boots.  I love this because it is easy to throw together and looks so cute while being comfortable.  Target has leggings for $10-$15.  You can get a cute tunic at T J Maxx for around $40.  Plus if you don't already have amazing boots, this is the season.  Try DSW or T J Maxx for an affordable pair.
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  1. This is great!! I have a couple pairs of boots, none that are flats tho! I also have a lot of shoes that never get thefair share of use!

  2. First step is to organize your closet. Put shoes you don't typically wear at eye level, this way you will remember you have them and wear them more. Also rotate your clothes and shoes so you get wear out of everything. For more help I will post a blog about organizing your closet tomorrow.


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