Wine & Couture: Happy Labor Day!
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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Many of you are off work today, and I am sure gearing up for a cookout somewhere!  Well here are some great Cookout tips!
1.  Always bring extra of what you are drinking.  The Host/Hostess may want to try what you are drinking.
2.  Make sure you bring what you would be eating at home.  If you buy the high end chips then bring them, no one wants the cheap brands especially if you wouldn't eat them yourself.
3.  A side dish is always nice!  I have my signature dish I always take, it 's also requested.
4.  CLOTHING!  Dress in layers.  Wear shorts and a cute tank with sandles for the day.  Bring a sweater or light jacket for the evening.  I also throw in boots with socks so my feet don't get cold and even a blanket for my legs if things go real late into the night.
Remember to be safe and thank your host/hostess by cleaning up after yourself!

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