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Friday, September 7, 2012

Family Coming? Update your bath!

Holiday season is right around the corner!  Many of you will have family coming in town, so why not spruce up the guest bath!  Here is how you can do it for under $150!
Step 1: Set a budget!
Step 2: Go to Home-Depot or Lowe's and price what fixture you want along with getting paint samples.
Step 3: Decide on a "Theme" for the room.  Remember just because it's a bathroom doesn't mean it isn't also a room that should be decorated!
Step 4: Prep the bath!  Remove everything you don't want to keep, patch holes with Spackle, and sand.  Then remember to wipe down the walls!  You don't want stuff stuck in the paint.
Step 5: Paint!  This can be fun, just take it one step at a time.  Cut in first!  Then roll.  If you are worried about painting both Home-Depot and Lowe's have class' on it.
Step 6: Have fun decorating!  I took pictures and had them printed in black and white to frame.  This is also a conversation piece!
Here is a faucet from Home-Depot for $49!  I also recommend getting paint with primer in it and getting an semi-gloss finish for a bathroom.  Finally Wal-Mart has some cute fabric shower curtains for $10.
Faucet - $49, Paint $26.97, Shower Curtain $10, Pictures $4-12, Frames $7-22.  Total spent $122 (average)!  Your family will be impressed and it will make you feel good once it's done to have something new that you did!

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