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Friday, September 14, 2012

Event Fastly Approaching

If you are anything like me you procrastinate when it comes to getting in shape.  I think oh I can loose 5 pounds before....... comes up.  Then before I know it I have to get dressed up and I have put on an additional 2 pounds.  It is hard to look your best when there is so much going on.  Between work, school, and family I don't have a ton of time to eat right or work out like I want.  So I resort to the perfect dress that gives me an amazing figure with no work on my part!
A dress like this will draw the eye to the right area's and make your figure look amazing.  It transforms my almost pear shape into an hour glass and makes me look like I have boobs.
Dress shown is a meager $575! Link
An affordable version can be found for $35 here
Also found $20 link

I have a black and gray dress which I love to wear to functions that require me to be on the dressy side.
Happy Shopping!

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