Wine & Couture: Dilemma and the Leather Skirt

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dilemma and the Leather Skirt

So this past Saturday I took some items to my local consignment shop (My Secret Closet) and was browsing while they checked my items, I ran across a leather skirt in my size.  As I stood there looking at it and considering trying it on, I asked myself "Where would I wear this?".  I mean is a leather skirt work appropriate?  I already get comments when I wear my lace skirt like I am way too dressed up; remember I live in NC and work for a non-profit - lace is to forward for them.  Then today I run across this picture of a floral shirt with a leather skirt and I thought dang I wish I purchased the leather skirt now.  So guess where I am headed right after work?  Yup I am hoping they will still have it!
Lesson: When you are in a consignment shop and see something you like - GET IT!  It may not be there and if you end up not wanting it you can ask to return it or offer it to sell yourself.  There is never a loss with a consignment shop.
Happy Shopping!

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