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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Closet Clean Up

Fall is upon us!!!  There is no better time than to go through your closet, put away the summer clothes, pull out the fall items, and make your life easier when picking an outfit.
Step 1 - Get a box you will put Consignment (or Charity) items.
Step 2 - Start with your summer items.  Get a rubber maid container and put all summer items you aren't going to wear until next year in it.  Then take it to the laundry room.  You never want to store clothing without making certain it is clean.  This will also get these items out of your way.
Step 3 - Pull out your container with Fall / Winter items.  Sit down and slowly go through each item.  If you aren't sure about the item put it in the Consignment box.  Everything else should go on hangers and put in order of weight (Heavy sweaters further back since it isn't that cold yet).
Step 4 - Go through your shoes!  If you have pairs you love but don't wear all the time, move them to eye level so you see them first.  This will have you wearing them more often.
Step 5 - Have a list of items you will need.  I always purchase new leggings each season because I live in them.  You may also find that you have out worn items, like dress slacks and skirts.
Step 6 - Go through your tights and stockings.  What are still in style?  What do you need a new pair of?  We always forget about the items that we haven't worn in months.  This will help you when getting dressed to know you have the finish touch to your outfit.
Step 7 - Go through your consignment box.  Pull things out that you may not be ready to get rid of and put them in a 2 month box.  At the end of two months if you haven't thought of the item then sell it.
I think it is important to sell your clothing!  Why not make money off your closet?  You could earn enough for the new items you need to purchase.  Just make sure the items have been cleaned, and are either classic or current style.
Happy Shopping!


  1. This is really helpful. Since moving to an area that gets considerably colder than what I am use to, I won't be layering those tank tops under tiny cardigans any more and really need to put them away until next year. I also heard this tip, if you have larger closets, to put all the hangers in backwards, with the open part facing you and if it never gets reversed in 3 months its time to donate.

  2. Stephanie - That is a great tip about the hangers! Of course it only works with larger closets.


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