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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wish List

My current fashion wish list!  This is important because I can start watching for them to go on sale or for these items in the clearance / outlet stores for less!  Most of the items can be purchased out right, like the shoes and blazer.  The MK, V.S. and J Crew items will need to be on sale; which isn't a big deal.

Start by signing up for their email list, sometimes you can get a discount on your first purchase.  Also check to see if you sign up for a credit card will you get a discount?  Just make sure you pay the credit card right away and cut it up, otherwise you may be tempted to purchase something you don't have cash for.  I am real big about paying cash for items.  I hate having debt!  I think it is important to set a goal for yourself on what you want to have and then make it a game to find it for less!

Oxfords - Aldo $20.99!
Leopard Print Shirt - J Crew $78.00
Pink Blazer - H&M $39.95
Leopard Heels - 6pm $40.99
MK Watch - Michael Kors $295
Silk Shirt - Victoria Secrets $79.50 (no pic)
Silk Shirt - Urban Outfitters $59 (no pic)
Chambray Shirt - Ann Taylor $49.99 (no pic)

Total: $604.42!  Of course I will find some of these for less.  Only item I am willing to spend the full amount is the MK Watch!  Merry Christmas to me.

Happy Shopping!

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