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Friday, August 3, 2012

Tax Free Weekend

If you are anything like me you are excited about tax free weekend!  Think of all the money the government would be getting from you but aren't.  Plus the store's have amazing sales!  My type A personality causes me to over plan most of my shopping but I end up relaxed and enjoying myself when I do.  So do what is right for you.

Typically I start with a game plan:  Mall or Outlet Stores?  For me ALWAYS Outlet Stores!  Better deals, and less crowds.  My first choice - Tanger.  They have Banana Republic, The Loft, J Crew, BCBG, Michael Kors, and more.  Right now Tanger has 20% off coupons available, so just think of all the savings!!

The most important thing is to have a game plan on what to shop for.  What do you need?  Right now I need a dress for my brother's wedding.  I will keep my eye out for a silk button up shirt, and a chambray shirt (great key pieces for fall).  Also check the store's to see if they have any deals going on outside of the 20% coupons.

Next - have someone you trust go with you.  You don't need someone who is going to tell you "You Look Great" in everything you try on.  Let's face it some things don't look great on everyone.  Also, consider taking a picture of yourself in the mirror so you can look back on what you had on.  It get's confusing when you try a lot on.

Finally - dress yourself in easy to remove separates.  Dress' are easy to take on and off but if you only want to try on a top you are bottomless and vis verse.  I typically wear leggings, flip flops or flats, and a loose shirt.  Oh and always wear a cross body bag.  Last thing you need is to have your hands full or to bend over and you purse slips off your shoulder.

If you try these things when hitting the store's you should have success, fun, and get some great things!

Happy Shopping!

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