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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Short Boots - AKA Booties

I had someone post a comment on my Boot Season blog asking about short boots, aka booties.  Where I think these are super cute and are in style I look terrible in them.  If you are like me and have "chicken" legs then you try your best to not draw attention to them.  Booties bring attention to my "chicken" legs which is why I only own 2 pair and rarely wear them.  HOWEVER, some of you are blessed with amazing calves and should totally wear booties this season!  Here are some examples I would go with and where to find them.

Bootes pictured are not budget friendly
Cowboy Boot - for $45.99
Cowboy Boot - Famous Footwear for $45.00
Moto Boots - Endless for $41.60
Moto Boots - Pacsun for $44.50
Heel Boot - 6pm for $39.99
Heel Boot - F21 for $32.80

Happy Shopping!


  1. I have the cutest pair of light-medium gray booties and can't quite come up with the right outfit to wear with them. Sure jeans but I'd love to try to find the right dress or skirt. Keep in mind, I'm middle aged and don't want to look insane. Lol

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. I will put together a blog with idea's for you and post it today. Thanks for reading!


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