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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shopping and Skinny Belts

My tax free shopping went GREAT!  First stop was Target to get school supplies for my mom's adopted grand-daughter.  Where I found these cute orange flats on clearance for $13!  Can I just say it is so nice to pick something up and know that is how much you have to pay..... no added tax!

Who knew shopping with a 4 year old on tax free weekend could be so tiring.  I felt very old after only 3 hours.  So after an hour nap and a bite to eat I was ready to go again.  Next stop TANGER!  At 7pm it's not so busy.  Found a parking spot right away and got to shopping.

First stop GAP.  Where they had some cute things, but nothing I thought was worth my hard earned money.  I did see a skinny belt I liked but it was $18 with no discount.  I knew I could do better.  So on to BCBG (one of my favorites BTW), where they had some amazing sales but nothing really caught my eye.  Remember I said I was dress shopping, well sadly I didn't see anything wedding worthy.  So on to The Loft, where I noticed more skinny belts.....and purchased one from the clearance rack for $9.77.  I did see another that caught my eye but was higher than I wanted to spend on a belt. Next stop was Banana Republic where I saw a very cute sweater that I will wait to go on sale.  Then J Crew, Talberts, and Guess.  Again I noticed all the skinny belts and thought hmmmm I don't remember these being every where the last time I shopped.  Of course it has been several months since I went into a store that wasn't a consignment shop or Target.  HA - goes to show just getting out and looking you can learn a lot about fashion and what is in right now.  I am happy to say I have a new list of items I am going to save for.
Look at all the Skinny Belts!
The Loft belt I purchased

Located on Pinterest

Happy Shopping!

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