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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Polka Dots

I have been surfing Pinterest and have noticed a ton of Polka Dots.  Now I typically think Polka Dots are a bit childish, HOWEVER I am loving this brown sweater with mint jeans.  The oxford shirt underneath with the pearl necklace makes it look polished and something I would wear. (found on Pinterest)

To get a mint this light I would suggest dying some white pants.  You can get a light green at Micheal's or any fabric store.  I dyed mine for 15 minutes then checked the color.

The sweater - found one similar at Piperlime for $69
The sweater pictured is J. Crew and sold out, an alternative is $268
Since I made the pants I may just purchase the $69 one.  This is also an item you can keep your eye out for at consignment shops.
Also found a white with black dots at Old Navy for $24.95
Of course pair it with beige flats - found at 6pm for $34.99
An outfit like this can be worn to many different events besides work.  Have fun with color and don't rule out a neutral color on top that has a print like this.

Happy Shopping!

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