Wine & Couture: Men Review #2
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Men Review #2

I realize it has been over a month since I posted a men review but I wanted to wait until I could see all the fall fashion.  There are several things that stand out to me this fall for the men!  Just remember because it looks great in the picture your guy may not like it.

Pictured here:
Beanie $9.97 here
Wool Pea Coat (is an investment piece) $164 here
Dark Wash Denim $49 here - should be slim NOT skinny.  Men shouldn't wear skinny ever!

Black Collared Shirt $24.99 here
Black Dress Slacks $29.99 here - I would check Macy's, Express, and T J Maxx for these pants.

You can't go wrong with either of these.  If its a day at the office or dinner with that special girl.  Both of these outfits look amazing and fall between casual and dressy.
More examples with Wool Pea Coat, sweaters, and button up shirts.

Layers are very in for men, so don't be afraid to wear a plaid shirt with a pull over sweater (sleeves rolled on sweater with plaid on outside).  Also don't rule out vests!  Dark wash jeans, collard plaid shirt, with a dress vest is very appealing!  Just about any type of boot will look great, just wear your jeans over them.

I do want to point out the blazer shown with elbow patches - perfect for a meeting or date!  Makes you seem more distinguished!  Just go with a Navy or Black.

For those men who work outside in the winter I suggest investing in some Carhartt jeans like here!  We purchase my hubby a pair every year and he loves them.  Dark wash is very in for men everywhere!

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