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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last weeks of summer

As much as we would all like Fall to arrive, summer is still here.  The heat an humidity are driving me nuts!  I have decided to make the best of this weather and go out with a bang.  Summer that is.  So for my last few weeks of summer I have decided to wear those outfits that were on the boarder of my comfort zone and go for the gold (no pun toward the Olympics).  Here are some of the pieces I have been hesitant to wear all summer but still keep in my closet for some reason.

Outfit #1 - Skirt found at Wal-Mart 2 years ago for $3.  Only reason it's in my closet, can't get rid of a $3 skirt and it's cute.
Tank - Old Navy purchased early this year.

I never would have thought of putting these together until I decided I was going to wear this skirt, the tank jumped out at me!  What do you have you and pull together?

Outfit #2 - Skirt found in consignment shop.  It's Tommy Hilfiger.  Can't remember what I paid but it wasn't much.
Shirt found at Old Navy on clearance rack a month ago.

Again another outfit I never would have put together until I told myself I was going to wear this skirt.

I would love to hear what you pulled together for your last days of summer!

Happy Shopping!

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