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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

J Crew Clearance

So while I was in Lynchburg VA I hit the J Crew Clearance store!  Was very excited to cross off my list a Chambray shirt!  I love the style of this shirt because I have issues with collars.  I also purchased a leopard print scarf!  Such good luck.  I did discover something nice, they will take your information and put an item on hold you are looking for!  It only goes on hold for 24 hours but hey that's enough time for me to "run" to Virginia for an item (2.5 hour ride).  So here is a pic of the shirt I scored and the item I asked to hold if it comes in.
Chambray Bayou Tunic
Woven Bangle
So if you are ever in Lynchburg VA check out the J Crew Clearance Store!  They have current items for 1/4 of the price, and give a 15% discount to students!  For example I found this dress there for $70!  Sadly it had some spots on it so I didn't get it, but I know they have them so if I can't find anything else for my brother's wedding then I can go back and try to get the dress dry cleaned.

Happy Shopping!

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