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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gray Booties - Outfit Idea's

I want to thank all of you for reading my blog!  I have so much fun with it.  Today's post is brought to you by a woman who posted a comment in my boot blog - "I have the cutest pair of light-medium gray booties and can't quite come up with the right outfit to wear with them. Sure jeans but I'd love to try to find the right dress or skirt. Keep in mind, I'm middle aged and don't want to look insane. Lol "  I want to thank you for posting this!  I am sure many of you have a great pair of shoes/booties but can't find new ways to wear them.  I have this trouble myself.  So here are some idea's on what to wear with light-medium gray booties!

This first dress is classic - it can work for the office or a night on the town.  Accessories will determine things.  So I picked this dress because it's dark which go well with a light-medium gray bootie.  Also the Blue color is beautiful and should look great on almost all skin tones.  It is also age appropriate if you are over 28 without looking too old.

Dress found at The Loft for $89.50 - a little more than I would typically spend but it should help get you started on what to look for.  Also check out The Loft clearance stores for a less expensive version.

The second outfit I have is simple black.  It can also work well at the office or dinner.  Add a nice blazer or cardigan for cooler days.  You will notice the print stockings.  I love these, they add a little pop to a dark outfit and keep you young without looking trashy.  They are an accessory on their own.  The gray stripe in the dress help pull in the bootie.

Dress found online at Sheinside for $49.92
Stockings found online at Romwe for $17.99 (I have a pair I snagged from Banana Republic outlet store for less).

You can also wear separates like a pleated skirt with a nice silk shirt tucked in.  Just remember to go on the darker side and let the boot either be the neutral color or accent color.  I also recommend fuller skirts with booties than the pencil.

Happy Shopping!  I look forward to more comments that let me explore a specific look.


  1. Thanks I love ya!!! BEW

  2. Your welcome! Glad I could give some idea's to help! Thank you for reading and posting!


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