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Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Weekend

So I am heading to the mountains of Virginia with my mother, sister, and sister-in-law.  We are staying at a Bed and Breakfast, and plan to tour the historic area along with a winery.  I am very excited.  One thing I am hoping we can fit in is a trip to the J. Crew clearance store.  There are two in the area!

Last night I used my Packing guide to help me put together outfits for the trip.  I packed one dress, a light weight sweater, pair of dressy pants with a "party" top, pair of jeans with cute tank top, pair of shorts with two t-shirts, a "day" dress, bikini, sleep wear, three pair of shoes, three purses to match, and statement necklaces.  I couldn't believe I had pulled together so many options that could work with each other, I stuck with black as my base.  Plus all this fit in my small suitcase with room for my toiletries. Before I found the article in Allure I didn't pack the right things and nothing went with each other.  This simple check list made packing soooo easy!

So if you are going away this weekend follow these simple guidelines and you will have everything you need!

So you ask, what's on my watch list at J. Crew?  WELL.... the clearance stores carry the same things as online!  My co-worker scored the bubble necklace in white for $35 ($150 in stores now)!

Chambray Shirt, Gold bracelet, Piki Pants, and a Sweater in a neutral color!

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