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Friday, July 27, 2012

Shoes, Shoes, Oh and Shoes

I am a Shoe-aholic!  LOVE shoes, they always fit no matter what my body is doing that day.  Plus they add whatever flare to my outfit I need.  I dedicate today's Blog to Shoes.  Below are some of the shoe's I am coveting and will save to purchase, or just wish for.  These aren't all budget friendly but then sometimes I need to splurge!

These...... speak for themselves, I mean who doesn't love feathers!  For $60.95 they won't break the bank either.
Pair them with a simple black dress, or colored capris.

Brian Atwood makes these colorful Sandles.  A steal at $325. These I will just dream about.

 J. Crew Orange Wedges for $110 will go with just about anything.  Classic and elegant design.   

Steve Madden White Wedges for $49.99 are so fun for summer with shorts! 

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