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Friday, July 20, 2012

Real Budget vs. Not so real Budget

As I mentioned earlier today about other "Budget" blogs, I read one that had a "less expensive" version of a celebrity outfit.  So I decided to see if I could find the same outfit for less...... I DID!
(excluding jewelry and nail polish)

Black Floral Shorts - Mine $19.60, Their's $58 um that's a $38.40 difference
White sleeveless tie front shirt - Mine $39 Their's $46..... $6.00 difference (hey every dollar helps)
Black Hobo Chain Purse - Mine $29.40 Their's $69.99  Yeah $40.59, 
plus I am sure you could find a cuter one in a consignment store!
Black Platform Heels - Mine $29.99 Their's $129  No contest.... I win with $99.01 savings!

My outfit came to $117.99
Their's came to $256.99
Yup that is a $139 savings!!

Below are My findsThe Celebrity who wore the outfit and The other Blogs choices:

I think my choice's are right in line with their's.  What do you think?

Where this was very fun to compare I am grateful for other bloggers 
taking the time to dissect a celebrity's outfit and give suggestions!

Let me know if you would like me to do this once a week and who you would like to see.


  1. I LOVE seeing budget friendly alternatives to the outrageously priced fashions of models and celebrities.


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