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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hunting Game

Ok I am officially frustrated!  I found two things on Pinterest and neither of them go to a site.  I really like the items though.  So here I go again..... on a hunt to find the items.

Pin #1

Shirt - purchased a white one from Target earlier this year.  Can always dye it.  Shorts - easy can get anywhere or cut up some jeans.  Tank - another easy find.  It's the shoes and bracelet I am loving!

Shoes - located these at DSW for $34.95 (I chose orange because the pair in the photo look a little orange to me)

Bracelet - located this at Forever21 for $14.80

Pin #2

LOVE and would pay close to $100!  There aren't many items I would say that about.  My issue now is I am on a mission because I can't find this skirt anywhere.  I have searched online for the last hour with no luck.  If you know where I can find this please comment below.  Otherwise I will keep you updated on my search!  I WILL FIND THIS SKIRT!

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