Wine & Couture: Day Two - and having fun!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

Day Two - and having fun!

So I am having a blast with this blog, and thank you for coming back!  I went searching online for other "Budget" fashion blogs and was surprised what they call on a "Budget".  Seriously, $80 for a pair of shoes is not budget to me.  More like $10 or $15 from the clearance area with a coupon!  You won't find items priced over $50 on my blog!!!  When I say I am on a budget I mean I can spend MAYBE $100 a MONTH on clothes and shoes.  So I try to get the best for my buck, even if that means I purchase items for a season that is ending.  I can't wait until Fall is here and I can break out some of the clothes I purchased earlier this year that I can't wear in the crazy heat!  Oh and have I mentioned that I am a label snob?  LOVE - Michael Kors, Banana Republic, BCBG, J Crew, and many many others.  This doesn't mean I don't shop at Target and Old Navy, its usually their clearance section if I do.

One thing I will do is give you a tip, maybe not every day but as I find things I am happy to share them!  Like my tip for today..... If you go to Old Navy during lunch on Tuesday or Thursday you will find a clean clearance section and many items to choose from!  Like my top today.  Picked it up for $6 at Old Navy!  The thrill of getting something nice for almost nothing makes me giddy.  Another tip is don't rule out consignment stores.  There two good ones in my area they both sell almost new items which are designer!  An example, I purchased a cute Coach clutch from Fifi's for almost nothing (see it below).  Ok so I am excited about a deal and you got two tips today :)

Now on to my outfit for today...... Casual Friday with Transition to dinner with girlfriend.

Shirt is from Old Navy $6.96 (as stated above) click here for the website.
Skirt is Nautica can't remember when or where I got it, it's been a while (I think around $25)
Sandles DSW - Kelly & Katie (link) with my coupon from points I paid $14

In total this outfit cost $46!  Plus the items can be worn many different ways.

Oh and the Jewelry Earings were a find at Charlotte Russe, and Bracelet came from NY and Company (both purchased 2011 & 2010)

Clutch is Michael Kors - TJ Maxx find Christmas 2010 ($80) was a gift from the Husband.

Nail polish is Essie "Tart Deco"

Q&A Time:

Question:  What is "ReFashion"? (was asked yesterday)
Answer:  "ReFashion" is where I take something I have and I cut it up and make something different out of it.  Check out this link for a better understanding.  I picked this link because I did this refashion.  I will wear it next week so you can see how it turned out.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Stephanie!!! If you click the work link in the Sandles explanation it will take you to the site I purchased them. They are still available and totally affordable!

  2. A "Coach" clutch??? What a bargain since they also provide lifetime maintenance for the bags.

    1. Thank you Carol! I am not typically a "Coach" girl but I thought this was so cute! Also I think it is more of a wristlet than a clutch.


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