Wine & Couture: Day Three (First Men Review)
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day Three (First Men Review)

So I figure there are Men out there that need guidance on what to wear, plus I was asked.  If you live with or work around anyone in the construction field you will probably notice they are a decade behind on what to wear.  Sadly most men have a hard time staying in style unless they have the rare and amazing opportunity to live in LA or NY.  I have to say the only man in my life who is on top of fashion is my brother, Oh and he used to live in LA. Ha Ha, which is probably why he can pull something together and look like a million bucks with little effort!

My first Men's post will feature shorts.  Let's get out of the 80's jean short era please.  I plan to post a men tutorial once a month on Saturday.

Ok guys - light weight cargo shorts are always in style.  What you wear with it can make or break the look you are going for.  So let's put one example together....

Picnic or Cookout:
These come from Old Navy and are $17.00 (link) My husband has these exact ones

Now pair it with either a light colored T-Shirt, or if you like collared shirts a stripped one. 
Like:  T-Shirt is $10 from Old Navy (click here) or Polo is also Old Navy $17.50 (here)

Now just add either sandles or deck shoes:

Like these, which are Birkenstock's for $79.95 and a little more than I spend on sandles but you can find equivalent at Rack Room or even Wal-Mart.
OR these Sperry boat shoes for $54.95. Personally I like the canvas better than the leather.  Easier to wash and keep clean.
So for $90 + Tax you will have a great casual weekend look.  Plus if you take care of the shoes they should last you several years!

I look forward to feed back on my Men's tutorial and encourage questions on "what you should wear to __".


  1. Thank you so much. Can I wear this kind of pants to work? I work with lots of volunteeres at my job, lots of them being very cute young women, so I need to look good. Thanks on the tip about leaving my jorts behind, I will miss them but I'm ready to move on. On your next man tutorial, can you discuss color selection for different types of skin color? My is. Beaautiful, greek god brown

  2. Jesus - I am glad I could help. Yes you can wear these shorts to the job site. They are durable enough. As long as you are willing to let go of the Jorts then I am happy to help. I will take into consideration your request about skin color and your greek god brown! Stay tuned for more.


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