Wine & Couture: Day One
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day One

So I have decided to start a blog.  I was looking on Pinterest (LOVE by the way) and clicked on an outfit idea I liked.  I was redirected to a woman's blog where she took pictures of her outfit and listed where she purchased the items along with sites on how to purchase them.  I will try my best to attach websites, but give me a break in the beginning.

About me..... I am married, no children, work full time, and go to college part time.  I live on a tight budget but LOVE fashion and clothes!  I find the internet interesting and enjoy not only finding new looks but how to get them for 1/2 the price in the store.

So for my first day I took an idea I found on another blog and used what I had in my closet.  I don't really have a style persay.  I know what I like, I try to go outside my comfort zone, and I try to look nice and put together everyday.

                                    I don't like photo's of me so you won't see my face in any of them.
 This outfit contains:  Shirt:  BCBG - if you have a Tanger Outlet near you see if they have a BCBG store. This shirt was $200 I paid $50!  I am a sucker for a deal.  It is a silky shirt and looks good with several things I have.
Pants: Gap (here) I managed to get them for $40 with a coupon (of course I purchased these in March 2012 so the same colors aren't online plus I got mine from the store).  I don't purchase at stores like this often but when I do they are always on sale.  If you have an iPhone check out GeoQpons app.  I have saved a ton with it.
Necklace: Charlotte Russe part of the 2 for $10 they ALWAYS have.  I don't like to spend money on Jewelry, it is more fun to purchase pieces like this. (their website is limited, suggest checking out the store).
Shoes: JustFab (JF) part of the Who What Wear collection $39.95.  This is a good site if you like real high heels.  I stopped my membership because I could find shoes at DSW for around the same price.  BUT $39.95 and Free shipping is a great deal!
So here is my first day.  I will post every morning and hope someone can get an idea from what I put together.  I do have to worn you though that I do "refashion" some of my clothes.  When I do this I will also post a how to incase you would like to do the same!

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