Wine & Couture

Monday, June 26, 2017

Meatball Casserole & DIY

Death is hard.  I remember like it was yesterday when my father passed (it's been 17 years).  Someone close to my husband lost their adult child last week.  My husband took it hard, and worried for the woman.  Being the Southern Woman that I am, naturally I said I will make a casserole and we can go sit with her.  He was very happy, I had only met the woman once.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

General Wrap Up

I purchased these shorts on a whim for my trip to Savannah.  They are so comfortable and cute.  I wore this outfit when exploring my town with my cousins.  In NC the mornings are cool and the afternoons, well you can chew the air it's so thick with humidity.  So having an outfit that will be comfortable all day can be challenging.  By wearing this cute kimono I was not too cool in the AM and was able to take it off in the afternoon.  Plus at $46 for the kimono and $23 for the shorts, this is a very affordable outfit that you can wear on repeat.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Room Makeover

Sometimes change needs to happen.  According to my husband change is bad, lol.  My closet room is my favorite space because I can make it any way I want.  Every other room in the house I include my hubby in the decorating process.  With family starting to come in town more often I wanted a proper guest bed.  I knew this bed frame was at my mom's house and perfect for the Country Chic look I wanted.  So I started the search for the perfect items.
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